Sea Sponges for Cleaning and Detailing Vehicles
(Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats and Aircraft)

Sea sponges are ideal for washing all types of vehicles. The finishes of cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and airplanes can all be scratched, or marred, if not cleaned properly. Because natural sea sponges are extremely soft and porous, the have the ability to effectively and efficiently clean these types of finishes without scratching. Sea Wool sponges are best suited to cleaning vehicles finishes. Yellow sea sponges (Yellow refers to a type of sponge, not a color) are also well suited to cleaning vehicles and are more durable, but are a bit stiffer. These are best suited to cleaning areas that are less susceptible to marring or where a bit more scrubbing is required to get clean (such as tires, plastics, windows, bumpers, rims, etc…. Although natural sponges are coarse and stiff when dry, they become extremely soft and absorbent when wetted.

Why use Natural Sea Sponges to Wash Your Vehicles

The extreme softness of a wetted natural sea sponge is essential to protecting a vehicles finish. But it is also critical that any dirt or grit that is to be washed off the finish is not allowed to scratch it during the cleaning process. The thousands of pores that make up the surface of a sponge creates a large amount of nap (or pile). Nap is created by the small soft fibers that stick up from the surface of a material. These fibers pull dirt and grit away from the surface and then trap it inside the sponge, keeping it away from the vehicle’s finish where it would otherwise scratch it. The same pores also hold large volumes of soapy water, creating a buffer between the vehicle’s paint and the sponge itself. This adds yet another layer of protection for the vehicle’s finish.

In addition to the soapy water buffer and nap created by the thousands of pores, the nature of cells that make up the surface of a sponge also allow it to release the dirt and grit it has trapped when rinsed. The ability to release the dirt and grit is an essential characteristic of any wash product (sponge, mitt, towel, etc…). If the accumulated dirt and grit is not released when the product is rinsed, it will become increasingly abrasive and over time will eventually scratch, or mar, the finish of the vehicle. The same types of cells that make the natural sea sponge such a great fit for cleaning vehicles, also make them extremely durable. A sea sponge used for washing vehicles can last for several years with normal use; making them a good value.

Precautions for Natural Sea Sponges

Sea sponges are extremely durable and, with normal, use can last for years. But harsh chemicals (bleach, ammonia, etc…) should never be used with them. Not only will using harsh chemicals damage the sponge, it can potentially harm the vehicles finish as well. Always use a car wash soap (specially formulated for that purpose) to avoid damaging the sponge or the vehicle’s finish. When compared to other types of popular sponges, Natural sea sponges require less maintenance and better protect the finish. A natural sponge will dry out and be ready for its next use, after a quick thorough rinse to release any grit and dirt from the sponge. Natural sea sponges also release normally hard-to-remove brake dust, making it a great tool to quickly and effectively clean a vehicles rims.

Natural Sea Sponges
Natural Sea Sponges

Natural Sea Sponge Advantages

Because of the Natural sea sponge’s cellular structure, they are soft, absorbent, durable and release dirt and grit when rinsed, making them an ideal solution for washing your vehicles. Natural sea sponges are a renewable natural resource, 100% biodegradable and, as such, environmentally friendly. A cut sea sponge will regrow within a few years and are often larger and healthier as a result of the process. In addition, natural sea sponges naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, so they continue smelling fresh and clean no matter how many times they are used.

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