Acme Sponge Retailers

Our genuine sponge products are available from Acme sponge retailers.  Click on the logo of the retailer you prefer to see their selection of Acme products online or to find a retail store near you.

Acme Sponge Retailers Links

See Acme Sponge products at Ace Hardware Stores See Acme Sponge products at Amazon Buy Acme Sponge products fr your business through AllPro

Acme Sponge Product Information

For information on specific sponge  products, please refer to our Catalog . Additional information about our products and their uses may be found in the Products section of our website. For information on our brands, please refer to the Brands section. If you would like information about our company and its history, it can be found in the About Us section. And we can be contacted directly through the Contact Us page. To purchase our products directly, click on any of the Retailer logos above.   Our products are also available from many other leading bath, gift, and paint, hardware, janitorial and equine stores and distributors.

 Acme Product Quality Guarantee

Satisfactory performance is guaranteed. Any natural sponge or chamois product found to be defective will be replaced free of charge by Acme Sponge Company. Replacement will be made upon presentation of product, proof of purchase, package and explanation of dissatisfaction.