The Natural
Yellow Sea Sponge

Brand: The Natural
Size: 7”- 8”
Type: Cut

  • The “Yellow” sea Sponge has a soft but firm/dense texture when wet and is stiff when dry
  • Our 7”-8” sea sponges are ideal for saving time on larger jobs where a more surface area is needed
  • The Yellow sponge, which is somewhat more dense/stiff than our “Wool” sea sponge, is used for general cleaning, scrubbing and mild exfoliating
  • These Yellow “cut” sponges have been cut in two to increase the surface area available for cleaning, these are not whole sponges intended for decoration
  • In addition to general cleaning, Yellow sponges are used by professionals for creating many different painting effects, wallpapering, and construction cleanup
  • As with any natural product, size, color, and shape may vary
  • Natural Sea Sponges inhibit the growth of bacteria
  • Sea sponges are reusable, environmentally safe, economical, a renewable resource and a 100% biodegradable product of the USA


Our 7″-8″ Yellow Sea Sponge is most often used for general washing, cleaning, and scrubbing. But are also used by professionals for painting, faux wall finishing, pottery and texturing projects. Firmer than the “Wool” sea sponge, Yellow sponges are great for cleaning jobs that need a bit more scrubbing. Sea Wool sponges, while extremely soft, are simply not dense or firm enough to scrub any but the most delicate surfaces.

Native to the waters surrounding Florida, natural sponges have been used for over 2,000 years. They are 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe, and a quickly renewable natural resource.

From The Yellow Sea Sponge Package

Natural Yellow Sea Sponges are the most versatile tool having hundreds of uses, including cleaning and painting.

Yellow Sea Sponge Quality Guarantee: Satisfactory performance is guaranteed. Any natural sponge found to be defective will be replaced free of charge by Acme Sponge and Chamois Co. Replacement will be made upon presentation of product, proof of purchase, package and explanation of dissatisfaction.

Yellow Sea Sponge Use and Care Instruction

Before Use: Soak sponge in clean water; squeeze out all excess and carefully examine entire sponge to insure any particles escaping our multi-level quality control are found and removed.

Yellow Sea Sponge Proper Use for Cleaning: USE WET ONLY. Drop a small amount of soap onto a wet sponge or in a bucket and vigorously massage sponge into a foamy lather. Use on any surface requiring efficient deep cleaning…cars, boats, walls, floors, etc…Ideal for cleaning grease, paints, chemical spills, floor mats and vehicle carpets. Also use to apply liquid polish, waxes, and vinyl dressing. Do not expose to chlorine bleach and/or any soap that contains chlorine.

Proper Use for Painting with a Yellow Sea Sponge: Dampen the sponge and wring out excess water. Dab sponge lightly in paint tray, blotting on paper or rags until the excess paint is removed and the desired pattern is obtained. When applying paint, use a light touch to roll the sponge over the wall or surface. Rinse your sponge thoroughly before changing colors and upon completion of the project.

After Each Use: Wash Yellow Sea Sponge. Squeeze or shake out excess water. Dry anywhere except in dark moist places. Avoid high heat.

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