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Natural Leather Chamois for Cleaning Sun Glasses Windows and Mirrors

Using a natural leather chamois to clean your glass surfaces and optics can save you time, money and frustration. Clean windows and mirrors make even a clean home seem brighter and more open. But keeping your glass surfaces free of dust and fingerprints can be a challenge. Windows and mirrors seem to collect dust and fingerprints, even when cleaned often and thoroughly. And cleaning your glass surfaces with paper or terry towels, leaves lint and streaks that take a lot of time and elbow grease to remove. And unlike many other glass cleaning methods, a chamois does not need to be used with chemicals or cleaners to get your glass surfaces clean. Using the right tool for the job will save time, money, and make those windows and mirrors shine with a lot less effort.

A Natural Leather Chamois is the Right Tool for the Job

Because natural leather chamois are made from marine oil tanned sheepskin, they are extremely absorbent and have a naturally open fiber structure that is then buffed to create a soft and nappy surface. This allows a chamois to pull the dust, dirt and grease from fingerprints off of the glass and trap them in the fibers of the cloth away from the surface. This keeps the dirt and grease from simply being smeared around on the surface, the way many other types of cloths do. And because a chamois is absorbent, holding an average of 5 times its own weight of water, the windows are dried completely. So the chamois cleans and dries, leaving your windows and mirrors clean and streak-free. Because a chamois releases dust and dirt completely when rinsed and can be reused for years with proper care, a chamois is not only a better and easier cleaning solution, it is also a good value for your money.

Cleaning Sun Glasses and Eye Glasses with a Genuine Leather Chamois

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Electronics and Glasses

Cleaning smudges and fingerprints off sun glasses, almost all of which have plastic lenses, without scratching them is always difficult. Paper towels and toilet paper are made from wood pulp and will quickly mar or scratch you glasses. And whether the glasses are an expensive pair or a cheap pair, no one wants to have to throw away a favorite pair because they are too scratched to use. Using a cotton towel will simply smear the dust and grease around more often than not and a synthetic fabric or micro fiber, which is an unsustainable and environmentally un-friendly petroleum product, will trap, but not release the dirt and grease when cleaned. Using a piece of natural leather chamois to clean your glasses, whether they are sun glasses with plastic lenses or eye glasses with glass lenses, will quickly remove dust, fingerprints or dirt completely, without scratching or marring them, and can be cleaned and reused for years.

Use a Natural Leather Chamois to Clean any Reflective Surface Safely

In addition to Windows, mirrors and glasses, a natural leather chamois can be used to clean any reflective surface, even more delicate plastic ones, safely and effectively. Chrome, acrylic, epoxy, lacquered, laminated and other surfaces of furniture, appliances, floors, wall hangings, bric-a-brac, etc… can all be safely cleaned using a natural leather chamois.

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