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Acme Sponge and Chamois Community Outreach

As an industry leader in leather chamois and sea sponge production, Acme Sponge and Chamois Co remains committed to helping ensure healthy and sustainable fisheries, consumer protections and to giving back to the community. Toward those ends, our officers are active in organizations such as Florida Sea Grant, The National Institute of Weights and Measures and the Sponge and Chamois Institute. In addition we support our nation’s first responders by providing some of those in need with Sponges and Chamois to help keep critical equipment clean and maintained. We support educational programs related to aquaculture and are involved with our local Tarpon Springs community.

Acme Sponge and Chamois and Florida Sea Grant

Acme company officers are also involved on the board of directors of Florida Sea Grant and the Florida Oceans Alliance, groups dedicated to both research and information dissemination with the goal of having sustainable natural resources and healthy oceans that can be used by all constituent users from tourism to commercial fishing, sport fishing and boating interests.

Tarpon Springs Business Links its Success to Florida Sea Grant
Florida Sea Grant YouTube Channel
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Acme and the National Institute of Weights and Measures

Acme has also worked closely with the National Institute of Weights and Measures (NIST), to provide information to insure that proper standards are in place for correctly measuring and marking product retail packaging and help ensure consumer protections.

Acme Sponge and Chamois Community Outreach Blair TN Fire Department
Acme Community Outreach
Blair TN Fire Department

ACME First Responder and Local Community Outreach

In addition to our other efforts, we are committed to serving those who serve us by offering some of our first responders the tools they need to keep their equipment properly maintained and clean. Firefighting is a dirty business, and we’re proud to be able to help with the cleanup by donating sponges and chamois to some of our country’s finest.

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Acme and the Sponge and Chamois Institute

The Acme leadership team is also very involved in the Sponge and Chamois Institute, the trade organization for the industry. Acme officers have held various leadership positions over the past few decades. “The Sponge & Chamois Institute is a nonprofit trade association that was founded over fifty years ago. The mission of the Sponge & Chamois Institute is to educate the public about the benefits of genuine chamois and natural sponges. As part of this mission, The Sponge and Chamois Institute and its members have taken a leading role in educating the public“ – Sponge and Chamois Institute website

Sponge and Chamois Institute

Acme Education Outreach Program

Acme is also committed to working with educational organizations to educate and inform about aquaculture and sea sponges in particular. We are currently in the process of developing classroom materials that meet national curriculum standards to help teachers and students learn more about the wonder of sea sponges and their uses.

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At Acme, only the finest quality raw materials go into our products and great care is given in manufacturing to insure that our finished products are some of the finest and highest quality in the world. We stand behind our products and we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. If you would like to contact us regarding a product or would like to become one of our retailers, please use the form below. We will do our best to answer any questions you might have, or help you find the information you need.

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Welcome to Acme Sponge Company Online

Welcome to the Acme Sponge Company website.  Acme is a manufacturer and wholesaler of natural sea sponges and synthetic sponges for use in spa, bathing, general cleaning, painting, automotive, hobby, trade use and much more.  On our website you will find information about our products, their uses and about our company.  In addition, you will find information on retailers and where to purchase our products. 

Our Sponge Products

At Acme, we pride ourselves on offering our customers real value in the form of long lasting high quality sponge products that help get the job done right the first time.  We offer the finest products from the finest materials in the world, and we stand behind them. 

The Acme Sponge Company

Please refer to our Catalog for information on specific sponge and chamois products, the Products section for additional information about sponge and chamois products and their uses, or the Brands section for information on what makes our brands better.  Information about our company and its history can be found in the About Us section and we can be contacted directly through the Contact Us page.  Or to purchase our products, the Retailers page provides links to our many fine retailers both on and off line.

Natural Leather Chamois for Cleaning Electronics

Cleaning dust, fingerprints and smudges from electronics without scratching the delicate displays can be a challenge. Liquids, of any kind, and electronics are dangerous when combined, and sensitive electronics can easily be damaged or even destroyed.

Just Swipe for Cleaning Electronics and Glasses
Just Swipe
for Cleaning Electronics and Glasses

Cleaning Electronics with a Natural Leather Chamois

A dry (or completely wrung out) natural leather chamois is a safe and effective means of cleaning electronic devices, without the risk of damaging them. A chamois can be to remove dust, grime, smudges, and fingerprints from all types of electronics. Chamois are ideal for cleaning:

• Desktop Computer Cases and Peripherals
• Tablet Computer Screens and Cases
• Cell Phone Screens
• Game Consoles
• DVD/Blue Ray Players
• Stereo Components
• Camera Lenses and Optics

Cleaning Electronics with a Natural Leather Chamois

Almost all modern monitors or LCD screens (flat-screen TVs, computer monitors and various other types of displays) today are made of a plastic which is much softer than glass. These types of plastic are easily etched or scratched by using cleaning cloths or chemicals that are too harsh. These types of TVs, monitors or screens should never be cleaned with any product that contains wood fiber. Wood fiber based products include paper towels, Kleenex, toilet paper, etc. No matter how “soft” these types of cleaning products may feel, they will mar or scratch the plastic over time and cause it to appear “cloudy.”

Cleaning Without Chemicals Using a Natural Leather Chamois

Certain cleaning chemicals (including Windex, ammonia, alcohol, vinegar, or any other oxidizing or acidic cleaning agent) should never be used to clean flat screen TVs or computer screens. These types of chemicals will “etch” (or scratch) the plastic and/or oxidize quickly leaving the surface “cloudy”.
Use only agents specially formulated for cleaning and natural materials, such as a genuine leather chamois, to safely clean these delicate plastic surfaces. And chemicals should only be used when the screen cannot be cleaned any other way. A natural leather chamois is a safe and effective tool for cleaning electronics and delicate screens without the need for more chemicals in the home.

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