Natural Leather Chamois Uses

Natural Leather Chamois have a variety of different uses. Because they are extremely absorbent, soft, and rinse out completely, they can be used to clean and dry everything from electronics to bathroom counters. Leather chamois can be used wetted or damp (wrung out) or dry (and re-softened) to clean glass, plastic, metal, paint, ceramics, finished wood, and other delicate surfaces (including clear-coats) of all types without scratching, marring or streaking. While many new drying products have been introduced over the years, the natural leather chamois drying cloth has remained the gold standard. Over time, the types of vehicles and finishes have changed, but the unique combination of characteristics that have made chamois cloths the safest, fastest and most cost effective drying towel haven’t.

Using a Natural Leather Chamois to Dry Your Vehicles

Natural leather chamois being used on Car Interior
Chamois being used on Car Interior

Chamois are ideal for drying your vehicle while saving time, effort and protecting your finish. Natural leather chamois drying cloths are extremely soft, durable, have lots of nap to pull grit away from the surface and an open fiber structure that pulls grit into the cloth (to protect the finish from scratches and marring), and more completely release that grit when rinsed (ensuring that the cloth does not become abrasive over time). Natural leather chamois are ideal for cleaning and drying cars, trucks, motorcycles, side-by-sides, 4-wheelers, power boats, kayaks, canoes, PWC, aircraft, and more

In addition to cleaning and drying vehicle exterior finishes, chamois are also great for cleaning interiors. Chamois can be used dry to remove dust, oil and grease, as well as fingerprints, from the dash, touchscreens, windows, the rear-view mirror, door panels, consoles, dash instruments, trim and leather seats.

Cleaning Electronics and with Your Natural Leather Chamois

In addition to safely drying vehicles, natural leather chamois can also be used to safely clean and protect all types of electronics. Chamois can be used damp (completely wrung out) to clean glass and hardened plastic Tablets, Phones, and Stereo, Cable, Model, DVR equipment. They can also be used dry (and if necessary re-softened) to clean Flat Screen TVs, Computer Screens, Touch Screens, and more.

Cleaning Glass and Optics Using a Natural Leather Chamois

Natural leather chamois cloths also work exceptionally well on glass and hardened plastics. Chamois cloths clean without leaving streaks or lint on hard reflective surfaces. Chamois are great for cleaning windows, mirrors, sun glasses, reading glasses, camera lenses, telescopes and other optics.

Natural Leather Chamois Household uses

Natural leather chamois also work well for household cleaning and drying. Use in the kitchen to clean appliances (they work especially well dry on stainless steel), glass cook-tops, microwaves, kitchen counters, tile backsplashes, etc… Chamois also work well for cleaning bathroom mirrors, tile, counter-tops, as well as shower doors and bathtubs.

Fuel Filtration

A dry chamois which has been soaked with clean gasoline will allow fuel to pass through its surface fibers, but not water. So, even today genuine chamois are used to filter water out of fuel. Fuel that has been stored in drums, which are notorious for allows water in, or that comes from other doubtful storage sources can be cheaply and reliably filtered using a simple genuine chamois cloth.

Natural leather chamois can be safely and effectively used for a variety of applications and will last for years if properly maintained

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