Natural Leather Chamois for Fuel Filtration

A dry chamois that has been soaked in clean gasoline will allow fuel to pass through it, but not water. Until fuel refining methods were improved around 1910, most automobiles were sold with small swatches of chamois for filtering fuel. Chamois cloths were used to filter impurities (including water) from the poor quality fuel available.

Natural Leather Chamois Fuel Filtration -Tanners Select
Natural Leather Chamois
Fuel Filtration -Tanners Select

Filtering Fuel with a Natural Leather Chamois

Today, chamois leather is used to filter fuel that has been stored in drums, which often allow water in, or from other doubtful storage source. Chamois leather is also used as to filter fuel by boaters and aircraft owners/operators when refueling in any remote areas or when fuel quality is in question. Alaskan bush pilots, whose lives depend on uncontaminated fuel, often use this method to filter fuel that has been stored in drums or that has set for any period of time. This method can also be used to filter fuel for use in Snow machines, chainsaws, motorcycles, tractors, heavy equipment, and more.

How to Filter Fuel Using a Natural Leather Chamois

The most common way to make a fuel filter from a chamois is to use a standard funnel and line the inside with a chamois cloth. It is important to use a chamois that is large enough to cover the entire inside of the funnel without allowing any of the fuel to pour through the funnel without passing through the chamois cloth. Any water contaminating the fuel will be absorbed into the chamois, while the fuel will pass through the cloth.

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