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Acme Tanners Select is our premier chamois product line, so we are involved in every aspect of the production cycle.  Unlike other manufacturers, we personally make regular trips to New Zealand to secure only the finest sheepskin for our chamois. No middlemen are involved in this selection process, which enables us to ensure that only the highest quality skins are used to make our chamois products. The skins are then sent to our factory in Turkey where, using our time tested formula, they are tanned to produce the finest quality chamois.  The chamois are then shipped to our main facility in Tarpon Springs, Florida where we once again check the quality at both the cutting and packaging stages of the process.  So all of our Tanners select chamois are measured twice before being packaged to insure the proper sizing, thickness and nap. Quality remains our primary focus throughout the production cycle to insure that our final product is the finest chamois available.  We are proud of that quality and we stand behind our products.

Tanners Select Brand Chamois are made from New Zealand Sheepskin

The consistent temperature and rainfall, the cooler climate of the pasture lands, the nutritious grasses and the long tradition of sheep farming all combine to make New Zealand sheepskins the finest and most consistent material for chamois production in the world. New Zealand sheepskins are consistently thicker and higher in quality than any other country or region. Areas that have less stable climates (larger variations in temperature, rainfall, feed availability, etc…) cannot consistently produce the caliber of skins necessary for the high quality genuine leather chamois cloths on which Acme has built its reputation. So make sure that any chamois you buy is made with genuine New Zealand sheepskin.

Acme Tanners Select Brand Chamois Products
Acme Tanners Select Brand
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Is Tanners Select Brand Made in Turkey?

We are often asked why our chamois say “Made in Turkey” if they are made with New Zealand sheepskins.  Although all of our sheepskins come directly from New Zealand, US labeling laws require that we label them as “Made in Turkey” because that is where the skins are tanned. This often makes it confusing and difficult for buyers, who are searching for a New Zealand sheepskin chamois, to find a chamois that is labeled “Made in New Zealand”, because most of them are tanned elsewhere. 

So, aside from the space available on the package to explain this and U.S. labeling laws aside, it would be more accurate to say that Tanner’s Select chamois are quality controlled, cut and packaged in the US, tanned in Turkey, but made from the highest quality New Zealand sheep skin.

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