Acme Synthetic Drying Cloths

In addition to our natural leather chamois products, we also offer synthetic drying cloths. Unlike leather chamois, synthetic drying cloths are made of a variety of different types of materials. And, although they are not quite as absorbent as natural chamois, they do offer other advantages that make them a better solution of certain types of applications.

The Advantages of our Synthetic Drying Cloths

Not only do they have the ability to absorb large amounts of liquid, our synthetic cloths remain soft wet or dry. They do not need to be wetted before use or softened after they dry. Like a natural leather chamois, they are extremely soft and safe for almost any surface. The ability of our drying cloths to absorb large amounts of water is its sponge-like fiber structure of the cloth that creates the capillary action, giving them a unique liquid absorbing or drying ability. And unlike natural chamois products, they are machine washable with regular laundry soaps.

Our drying cloths are made from rugged tear-resistant synthetic fabric blends that will not absorb grease into the fibers of the cloth, like a natural chamois, and are not damaged by degreasing soaps.

Acme Synthetic Drying Cloths
Acme Synthetic Drying Cloths

However, like any other reusable drying cloth, contact with strong chemicals (such as bleach, ammonia, etc.…) should be avoided to keep from damaging the cloth.

Although they are most often used for car and truck cleaning/drying applications, our synthetic cloths are also ideal for drying, motorcycles, boats, kayaks, paddle-boards and aircraft. They also work well for home use such as drying bathroom counters, tile, kitchen counters and back-splashes, shower doors, windows, mirrors, and even drying off your pets.

Drying Cloth Care and Use Instructions

Before first use, rinse with water. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Do not dry in the dryer. Like any drying product, synthetic drying cloths should always be washed thoroughly before their first use. They should also be washed after each use and allowed to dry completely before storing (although our “Careware Slurp” drying cloth may be put away wet). With proper care, our synthetic cloths can last for years.

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