Acme Natural Leather Chamois Products

Acme natural leather chamois, or Tanner’s Select brand, are made from the finest materials available from across the globe. Natural leather chamois have been used to dry and polish vehicles since they were first adopted by French “footman” in the early 1700s. Natural chamois cloths are still used 300 years later because they are durable, extremely soft, remove dirt and trap it in the cloth away from the surface, and release dirt more effectively when rinsed. And although “chamois” are no longer made from the skins of the endangered chamois (they are now made from sheepskins), these amazing drying cloths are no less useful, safe and effective for drying your vehicle’s finish, windows, mirrors and interior today.

Acme Natural Leather Chamois Products are made from New Zealand Sheepskins

We travel to New Zealand several times each year to select the finest sheepskins available for making our Tanner’s Select chamois. New Zealand sheepskins make the finest quality chamois because the temperature, forage, altitude and long tradition of sheep farming there combine to consistently produce the finest skins available anywhere in the world. We closely monitor the raw material market to insure the quality and availability of the skins we use. Our New Zealand presence provides an unmatched awareness of market trends and first-hand knowledge and access to prime New Zealand pelts. After selection, the skins are split, separating the grain layer from the portion that will eventually become a chamois, and then shipped to the tannery.

Acme Natural Leather Chamois - Tanner's Select
Acme Natural Leather Chamois – Tanner’s Select

Acme Natural Leather Chamois are Tanned in Turkey

These high-quality split skins are sent to our processing facility in Turkey where they are expertly tanned using a time-tested process. Our tanning process uses 100% marine oils, which gives the skins their extremely absorbent, soft and durable characteristics you expect in premium leather chamois. After tanning the skins are inspected and shipped home.

Acme Chamois are Packaged and Shipped from Tarpon Springs, FL

The tanned skins, now chamois, are then sent to our headquarters in Tarpon Springs, FL for quality assurance, packaging and distribution. Although the chamois cloths are inspected at each stage of the manufacturing process, once they reach our Tarpon Springs facility, they are once again inspected to ensure that the finished product is worthy of the Tanner’s Select name. Once approved, the chamois are packaged and shipped to our retailers all over the world.

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